• Sherry St. Clair


GAEL sits down with Sherry St. Clair, national author (#Coaching Redefined) and instructional leadership expert, to talk about the art and science of instructional coaching, leadership, and support. We are so excited to have Sherry lead 3 breakout sessions at Winter GAEL this January 26-28, 2020, in Athens, GA, and we encourage you to register now and book your hotel rooms quickly!Instructional Coach is not a title, but a role of all school leadersHow can "resistance" be a good thing?Who needs coaching?What is coaching redefined?If you could only observe a classroom for 2-minutes, what does Sherry advise us to look for?Whether you are a superintendent, principal, AP, or teacher leader, you will get a lot out of this talk with one of the best instructional coaching minds in the country!

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