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Interview Questions for an Instructional Coach

The right instructional coach can have a powerful impact on a school. Utilize these questions while interviewing new potential instructional coaches.  

Awesome Applause Award

Use these at the end of trainings to help colleagues recognize others who have helped them think deeper about issues. Read a related blog here.

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Thank You for Being Awesome! Template

Instructional Leaders: Use this tool to celebrate the teachers and students in your school.  Simply download the template and fill it out as you visit classrooms to showcase something they are doing to make the world a better place. Leave a positive note for a student on their desk.Tape this note to a teacher's door highlighting a successful practice. During remote learning, send a virtual copy.  Use it however you can to celebrate the strengths of those you serve.

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Coaching Through Resistance

Instructional Leaders: Change is scary to many. Even when people want change, it can still cause them anxiety and concern. The natural defense is to resist it. As coaches, we are going to confront resistance to our work all the time. Use this tool to understand resistance and determine how to coach individuals through it.