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Pushing Boundaries interview with Silas Knowles

Silas and Sherry discuss strategies to push the boundaries of instructional coaching during COVID..

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Supporting Teachers' Social Emotional Needs with Steve Barkley

Steve and Sherry discuss five focus points for school leaders to develop environments and relationship that build social and emotional wellness. 

Jim Knight Interview

Coaching Conversations with Jim Knight

Jim and Sherry discuss the components of effective instructional leadership through coaching.  

Sarah Johnson Interview

In Awe Podcast with Sarah Johnson

Sarah and Sherry discuss effective instructional leadership and the journey to write Coaching Redefined.  

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Leader of Learning Podcast with Dr. Dan Kreiness

Pulling from ideas from Coaching Redefined, Sherry discusses instructional leadership through coaching.

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Coaching Redefined:  The Power of Instructional Coaching

In this webinar, sponsored by the International Center for Leadership in Education, Sherry discusses five elements of effective instructional coaching.  

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GAELSTRONG: Sherry St. Clair and Instructional Leadership

GAEL sits down with Sherry St. Clair, author of Coaching Redefined, and instructional leadership expert to talk about the art and science of instructional coaching, leadership, and support. 

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Cool Teacher Podcast with Vicki Davis

Sherry discusses five strategies to utilize while coaching.

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