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“Tasked with improving instruction, refining a curriculum to meet the needs of students, and improving the overall morale in a high school environment, Sherry’s leadership skills immediately became very evident. I watched her earn the respect of a staff that was in need of an instructional strategies leader. She was able to communicate her ideas to a wide array of teachers and because of her thorough knowledge of successful instructional practices and a willingness to guide teachers individually, she very quickly earned the trust of our faculty. Once our staff recognized her honesty and sincerity in improving instruction, they often sought her out for guidance and advice. She has devoted her professional life to improving the delivery of instruction to students and helping teachers find sound practices they can use in their classrooms.”

—Mic Huffman, Former School Principal

“I can say with every confidence that Sherry St. Clair is truly an exceptional educator.  As our most sought-after consultant, she is an exemplary instructional and leadership coach who is also skilled at developing curriculum and assessments, restructuring initiatives, and other education improvement projects. Sherry is results oriented and holds herself to a very high standard. She subscribes to an ‘under promise and over deliver’ philosophy and is intrinsically motivated to meet the objectives of all the projects she undertakes.”

—Tim Ott, CEO, Successful Practices Network

“Sherry St. Clair’s coaching strategies rejuvenated me to provide instructional coaching to the elementary school administrators and teachers in our district. Her approach to instructional coaching was extremely beneficial to the principals of each building and to me during the transition to new state learning standards and focus on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge practices. Our principals and teachers still utilize the common language and approaches Sherry helped us to implement in 2014—and with great results.”

—Dr. Debbra Martin, Assistant Superintendent, Streator Elementary School District #44, Streator, IL

“Professional development is an integral component of school improvement efforts, requiring outreach to others to bring new ideas and practices to the forefront. In my experience, consultants are often knowledgeable yet unapproachable, and sometimes arrogant. Sherry St. Clair breaks this stereotype through excellent coaching, communication with understanding, and the ability to bring teachers and administrators on board without guilt or shame, but instead with genuine enthusiasm. Simply put, her exceptional relationship-building skillset is a proven, effective way of sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise.”

—Dr. Mark Albertus, Superintendent, Carrollton City Schools, Carrollton, GA

“Sherry was able to build trusting, meaningful relationships with our staff, asking them to reflect on their teaching and instructional skills while challenging them to grow and better their practice. Sherry’s wealth of experience, honesty, wisdom, and ability to ask thought-provoking, reflective questions pushed me and helped me to grow as an administrator. Sherry is a leader with character beyond reproach. Her passion is to help schools become the best possible learning environments for students.”

—Laura Bankowski, Principal, Oswego East High School, Oswego, IL

Sherry connects instantly with inexperienced and veteran educators and is masterful at cultivating productive relationships—with both teachers and school leaders. As a district-level administrator, I continue to benefit from her coaching, guidance, and feedback. While coaching on-site, you’ll find her walking the hallways with administrators or rolling up her sleeves and working side-by-side with teachers to plan instruction and design performance tasks or assessments. Our teachers are always eager for her to visit their classrooms to provide coaching and feedback. Not only is Sherry an inspiring author and consultant, she’s also a skilled practitioner.

—Dr. Todd Simpson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Butts County School System, Jackson, GA

“Sherry is a gifted and insightful coach. Her work with our instructional teams was both inspiring and practical. Her coaching made teachers feel supported and equipped them with the tools that they needed to get them to the next level of instruction and collaboration with peers. Whether her focus was working with a new teacher reflecting on their classroom practices or with a departmental team reviewing assessment design, Sherry found a way to recognize each person’s strengths while helping them to focus on their areas for growth in a positive way. Building respectful and trusting relationships is the hallmark of her work, and this allows her to push the thinking boundaries’ of teachers and administrators.”

—Ruth Steele, Director of Secondary Education, Vallejo City Unified School District, Vallejo, CA

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