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Praise for Coaching Redefined

Watch Jim Knight's Endorsement of Coaching Redefined.












“Sherry St. Clair offers a fresh approach to instructional coaching. Pulling on years of actual experience helping schools grow in this area, she offers practical strategies from which any educator can glean invaluable insight. The appendices alone will greatly expand anyone’s coaching toolbox.”

Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education and Author, Digital Leadership and Co- Author, Learning Transformed

“Coaching Redefined will turn you from a good instructional coach into a great one with the application of new tools gleaned by St. Clair from the business world. And with coaching based on solid values and energized by new perspectives, you can guide the teachers under your care to greatness as well. This book is transformational in its scope and inspirational in its approach.”

Daniel H. Pink, Author, WHEN and DRIVE

“Coaching can’t be something we simply think about doing; it has to be something we are always doing. In Coaching Redefined, author Sherry St. Clair makes a compelling case for the “why” of instructional coaching, and also the “how.” Delivering coaching is a skill; so too is receiving coaching. Whether you are the recipient of coaching, or the vessel through which it flows, you will find incredible value in the pages of St. Clair’s book. I’ve had the privilege of coaching alongside her. She is the real deal. Start reading—and redefine what coaching can be.”

Weston Kieschnick, Best-Selling Author of Bold School and Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education

“As in every professional function, executive and instructional coaching requires a unique set of skills. In this book, Sherry St. Clair captures and very effectively describes these skills. Drawing on her personal experiences as a highly effective coach for multiple school districts, she provides both the organizational leadership structure and specific instructional strategies needed for effective coaching.”  Dr. Bill Daggett, Founder and Chairman, International Center for Leadership in Education

“A beautiful thing about effective coaching is that benefits accrue to both the coach and the coachee—often exceeding those anticipated. In Coaching Redefined, St. Clair combines the latest research across business and education with the wisdom of practice from years in the field to guide that journey and strengthen its impact.”

Vicki Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Education Officer at National Geographic

“Coaching Redefined takes a refreshing ‘systems’ approach to working with educators, providing clear, actionable tools and protocols for anyone wanting not only to support individual teachers, but also to positively impact the way learning happens at all levels of a school.”

Karin K. Hess, Author, A Local

Assessment Toolkit to Promote Deeper Learning: Transforming Research into Practice

“Coaching Redefined by Sherry St. Clair is designed for all educators who aim to lead instructional change. It will provide you with what every teacher needs: a step-by-step process to enhance instruction in every classroom and impact learning in a positive way.”

Jimmy Casas, Educator, Author, Speaker

“Sherry St. Clair has dedicated her career to guiding and supporting educators to achieve success with all their students. In Coaching Redefined, she sets out clear strategies that unlock the pathways to the fun and success we have always sought out in our profession.”

Raymond J. McNulty, President, Successful Practices Network and the National Dropout Prevention Center

“Author Sherry St. Clair leaves no stone unturned in her mission to support educators to influence sustained change in schools. Drawing on extensive experience and research, she provides an all-encompassing, practical roadmap that will inspire you to rethink how we approach coaching to transform learning. Coaching Redefined is a phenomenal resource; I found myself rereading sections, applying them, then returning for more!”

Elisabeth Bostwick, Instructional Coach, Multi-Awarded Educator, Author of Take the L.E.A.P.: Ignite a Culture of Innovation and Co-Author of Education Write Now: Top Strategies for Improving Relationships and Culture

“In Coaching Redefined, Sherry St. Clair masterfully delivers how and why it is critical to create future ready schools and classrooms—and the pivotal role the instructional coach can play as a liaison among stakeholders. St. Clair guides us not only to create the instructional change needed to ensure that today’s students thrive as tomorrow’s adults, but also to tailor coaching to specific school needs and build a system of sustainable, hands-on professional learning that leads to teacher growth.”

Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools and Best-Selling Co-Author ofLearning Transformed: 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today

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