About Sherry

Sherry St. Clair is the author of Coaching Redefined and founder of Reflective Learning LLC, an educational consulting agency based in Kentucky. Her organization works with schools across the country, creating specialized training and coaching services for school administrators and educators. Additionally, Sherry serves as a Senior Consultant for the International Center for Leadership in Education and a Senior Consultant for Houghton Mifflin. 

As a national consultant, Sherry draws from her rich experience at various levels of public education–teaching elementary school, being an administrator in a high school of 1,300 students, working as a state consultant, and creating and facilitating virtual courses. Sherry is a highly regarded national speaker and consultant, providing educational agencies with expertise in the areas of leadership, effective classroom practices, classroom walkthroughs, effective use of data, balanced literacy, science and guidance on how to create a culture of college and career readiness. 

Sherry is a contributing author to Effective Instructional Strategies Volume 2 published by the International Center for Leadership in Education. She has published numerous professional development activity guides and facilitated webinar series focused on leadership and effective instructional practices. Additionally, Sherry developed virtual instructional workshops for the CTE Technical Assistance Center of New York. In partnership with the Successful Practices Network, Houghton Mifflin and The School Superintendent Association, Sherry has recently been a part of Bringing Innovative Practices to Scale. 


Coaching schools and educators to best meet the needs of all students is Sherry’s passion. It has driven her to create and finetune a proprietary coaching process that can elicit remarkable levels of educator and student growth, which she shares in Coaching Redefined and she will be releasing a book in the winter of 2018 to assist schools in this area.  The redefinedcoach’s aim is to unlock the fullest potential of all educators by also leading change at the school level to remove systemic impediments to teacher growth. The book has encouraged coaches across the world to reach their leadership potential and join the coaching redefined movement—an experience that has been among the most inspiring and gratifying of Sherry’s professional life.


 Sherry holds a master’s degree in Instructional Leadership as well as a Rank I in Instructional Supervision.


"Sherry has a unique perspective being that her work has spanned the country. Her insight has forced us to stretch our thinking and lens..."

-District Administrator